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Automated Speed Enforcement (Temporarily Suspended)


As you may be aware, the Village of Elmwood place has suspended its automated speed enforcement program until further notice. Unfortunately, the automated speed enforcement program in Elmwood has been falsely publicized as merely a revenue generator for the town. The truth is that the goal of the program has always been primarily safety. The decision to implement an automated enforcement program was largely motivated by observations of a widespread speeding problem and two traffic accidents that occurred in 2011, which included a fatality and two children who were struck and injured,.The following chart illustrates how the program corrected speeding in Elmwood, and how such dangerous behavior has subsequently resumed after the court ordered suspension of the program.

The Village of Elmwood Place launched its Automated Speed Enforcement Program on September 1st, 2012 with the start of a 15-day warning period, to increase motorist and pedestrian safety. The Elmwood Place Police Department plans to continue to operate automated speed enforcement systems throughout the Village to assist in reducing instances of speeding and motor vehicle/pedestrian accidents. These automated speed enforcement systems will be placed in various locations based on need. The Village of Elmwood Place Police Department encourages all motorists to obey the motor vehicle law, and all posted speed limits throughout the Village.

In accordance with Ordinance 09-12, a speed monitoring system may be placed in the Village of Elmwood Place, on any part of a highway or roadway located within its jurisdictional boundaries. Speed enforcement signs are placed in view of motorists entering the jurisdictional boundaries of Elmwood Place. The hours of operation for enforcement are twenty four hours per day, seven days per week (24X7) throughout the year.

Vehicles traveling over the posted speed limit will be subject to enforcement action. This action is based on evidence captured by the automated speed enforcement system(s) and verified by a law enforcement officer. After law enforcement verification and approval, a notice of liability is mailed to the registered owner of the vehicle. The notice of liability explains how to pay the penalty and how to request a hearing. The civil penalty authorized by Ordinance 09-12 is $105 and it does not involve points on a driver's record or insurance penalties.

It is the goal of the Elmwood Place Police Department to provide a safe environment for its residents, and its daily transient community. Enforcement thresholds may be adjusted at any time based on the needs of the community, and at the discretion of the Chief of Police.

** Drivers should be aware that enforcement thresholds may change based on the need of enforcement. The Elmwood Police Department does not anticipate the threshold to fall below 5 MPH over the posted speed limit.

If you have received a notice of liability based on one of our automated speed enforcement systems please examine your notice of liability carefully for the posted speed limit, and the speed at which your notice of liability was issued.